Saturday, September 6, 2008

Milan Hemmingway Biography

My name is Kimberly Freeman; and with Jesus help I blessed the earth on April 24th 1984. I’m a fashion design student. I currently go to a private school name Art Institute of New York City working on my associates occupational degree. When I graduate I plan to get my bachelors degree in fashion design studying abroad in Italy through Fashion Institute of Technology International Program. My career goal is to be an haute couture designer I also want to have my own couture house. In my fashion house I would have a perfume, shoes, gowns, accessories and cosmetic line. I created my label name which is Milan Hemmingway which is inspired because I’m getting my bachelors in (Italy) Milan. I know it seem like I got everything figured out, but it didn’t happen that way it was definitely a long way coming and I still got a long way to go. To be completely honest I never knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer. Actually since I could always remember I have been always a confused child, teenager and adult. Starting High School and even in College I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take. I was always pushed by my family to be in the medical field. But I knew that wasn’t truly what career path I wanted to take. I transferred from three colleges and changed my major three times. I guess that was my lucky number. I was lost and I wanted to give up! Then I prayed and asked god what is to become of me? When I revaluated my life I was given my answer when I started to walk with god. I was extremely fashionable in elementary, junior high and high school. Looking back at the records in my year books I was always voted best dressed (Ms. Vogue) and Most Popular. In my job history I have always worked in retail from high end, moderate and low end stores. I live, eat and breathe fashion that’s my motto I have to copyright that. My life has evolved around fashion and I’m truly happy with my career choice. When you like what you do it becomes natural. I have proven to be very creative fashion designer because “my work speaks for it self”. My collection shows it and that mainly because I look at fashion as an art and my love and not just work.

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