Monday, September 22, 2008

The fab Coco Rocha the runway model

Her runway walk is serious..

Naomi Campbell Hot Black Super Model is the Face of YSL

I enjoy the sexy Naomi in the new YSL ads...NAOMI CAMPBELL has paid tribute to legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent following his death, aged 71,"My first Vogue cover ever was because of this man","Hes the King of Fashion."

Fendi Hot ass Fall 2008 Accessories

Crocodile F3 handbag,Leather and stringray clutch,F35 frame bag with stone detail and chain strap,Crocodile F6 clutch, Orange Suede and patent leather bootie.

Fall 2008 Louis Vuitton Acessories

Embossed leather Speedy handbag,Suede platform pump,Embossed suede monogram handbag with python handles.

Claude Monet My favorite Impressionist

Even though I have finals and stressing over my school work and my social life.I can allways look at this panting and relax...

Hot Fall 2008 Accessories for John Galliano

Suede and copper platform sandal,Leather platform bootie,Leather boot with wood heel,
Suede platform bootie.

Zac Posen -Spring 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York

Zac Posen - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. If you wasnt invited to the fabalous tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...Here a look at Zac Posen hot ass line...

Ralph Lauren F/W 08.09 NYC Full Show

I love leopard print,feathers and cognac color bags and boots.Its a wonderful fall collection at Ralph Lauren

Versace Fall Winter 2008-2009

Versace Fall Winter 2008-2009

Iam addicted to fashion shows what could I say thats just the designer In me...Iam loving the looks this fall and winter by the Versace house.

Gianfranco Ferré Spring 2009 Ready to wear Collection

Best pieces from out the show...Love the designers Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My favorite 60's Model Veruschka....

Many models today wish they could be as popular as she was in her day...

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009

This show was fantastic..Marc is never afraid of mixing culture and a tv icon....Mary Poppins goes to Dubai.The accessories,plaids and color palet was pure genius..

The Fashion King and Heart throb (Kayne West Love Lock Down)

When i kept my love lock down from my 1st i lose.....

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring '09

The show was inspired by my favorite 60's model Versuka.
The line was based on lose garments that was flowed and bright color prints...Diane proves every girl can be a "Goddess and Rock Star"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Today Shows...

Monday September 8, 2008
New York Public Library, Astor Hall, 5th Ave Entrance
Van Alen Institute, 30 W 22nd St, 6th Fl
Industria Superstudio, 775 Washington St
5 PM
7 PM PORTS 1961

Enjoy Today Shows ......

Why Cant He Understand Me?

You know the feeling when you meet someone for the 1st time and its as if you have known this person all your life.Thats how I felt when I met the love of my life.
But after a few months we have this brick wall between us,which I want to bang my head because he doesnt understands me.

Most men and women have difficulity communicating.Most of us women expect our partners to be both our lover and friends but most men arent man enough to for fill those my perticular situation.

Men always expect for the woman to respect them in a relationship. But respect is a two way street in my book and if a man cant physically,mentally and emotinally for fill her needs why should she respect him.

Anyways Iam over him and looking for my better best....So If theres any real men out there please dont be shy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Concept Behind the shirts

Naked With Out My Stripes- I wanted to capture an elegant nude model from the 1950's and show the beauty of nudity.
My partner on the project the other designer add the new M motif and the official stamp of approval on the exclusiveness with the MHD.

Red Carpet Special -With this specific look i was inspired by 1950's model hand gesture which sells the car in the back of her. The silhouette and style of hair is a perfect look for a car show room in the 50's.
The new M motif was also added with the official stamp of approval by designer.

The head graphic designer of Milan Hemmingway "Old Hollywood Collection" is the same designer of Copper da Don.

Proof that blondes have more fun on the runway!!!

Top runway model and friend to the top designers Agyness Deyn

Sex and the City (My Girls Reunited Feels so good)FASHION

I miss my bfs and we love Sex and the City...Who doesnt luv the girls and the FASHION...
Thanks Patricia Fields the Stylist/Costume designer
The wardrobe was really amazing trust me i brought the book for it...just because iam a fashion fanatic.

Project Runway Diane Von Fusterberg/Fern M

Winner of DVF American Express Competion
Leeann works really hard ...winner of 2nd competion
Stella wasnt so stella out of competion....her ego is way to big on the show even tho she didnt win

Top Model Cycle 11 Episode 1-2

LA Style

Space photo Shoot very Pierre Cardian

Isis fierece run way walker

Styling done right. A Milan Model "L Official"

Please understand ladies everyone can be a Milan model only if you u do it right. Lips right check,Hair right check,Accessories right check,Attitude right check and your good to go....Milan Hemmingway Style

Alber Elbaz's for Lanvin Fall 2008

Men are powerful and women are strong...a great line by Alber Elbaz.
Elbaz's collection was a feat of technical genius. He'd started off by making fabric out of strips of grosgrain ribbon.
Life after dark a lovely nite life collection couture style.His style for this collection is character driven clothing, clothes with personality is Lanvin
Check it out and tell me what you think

Balenciaga Fall 2008 by Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere

I love the new approach of the Balenciaga Couture House,this fashion show for fall season 2008 was very innovative.
The futuristic approach was very avant garde the couturier use of architectural shapes,fabrics ,prints and jewelry was amazing.
One of the greatest young designer of our time, Nicolas Ghesquiere is truly one of my role models. For this collection "I wanted something austere," said Nicolas Ghesquière, "but with a bit of Spanish drama. Cristobal Balenciaga was born in the Basque country, hence the "Spanish" drama. I believe its great that Nicolas did not forget about the heritage and culture of the Cristobal Balenciaga Couture House. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Milan Old Hollywood Collection 1950 Inspired Coming to Boutiques near you!!

Expensive but classy so thats gonna cost you to look goood...Ladies

Milan Hemmingway Biography

My name is Kimberly Freeman; and with Jesus help I blessed the earth on April 24th 1984. I’m a fashion design student. I currently go to a private school name Art Institute of New York City working on my associates occupational degree. When I graduate I plan to get my bachelors degree in fashion design studying abroad in Italy through Fashion Institute of Technology International Program. My career goal is to be an haute couture designer I also want to have my own couture house. In my fashion house I would have a perfume, shoes, gowns, accessories and cosmetic line. I created my label name which is Milan Hemmingway which is inspired because I’m getting my bachelors in (Italy) Milan. I know it seem like I got everything figured out, but it didn’t happen that way it was definitely a long way coming and I still got a long way to go. To be completely honest I never knew that I wanted to be a fashion designer. Actually since I could always remember I have been always a confused child, teenager and adult. Starting High School and even in College I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take. I was always pushed by my family to be in the medical field. But I knew that wasn’t truly what career path I wanted to take. I transferred from three colleges and changed my major three times. I guess that was my lucky number. I was lost and I wanted to give up! Then I prayed and asked god what is to become of me? When I revaluated my life I was given my answer when I started to walk with god. I was extremely fashionable in elementary, junior high and high school. Looking back at the records in my year books I was always voted best dressed (Ms. Vogue) and Most Popular. In my job history I have always worked in retail from high end, moderate and low end stores. I live, eat and breathe fashion that’s my motto I have to copyright that. My life has evolved around fashion and I’m truly happy with my career choice. When you like what you do it becomes natural. I have proven to be very creative fashion designer because “my work speaks for it self”. My collection shows it and that mainly because I look at fashion as an art and my love and not just work.