Sunday, February 14, 2010

Milans Tribute to Alexander McQueen RIP

Alexander McQueen
There has been an extraordinary outpouring of grief over the death of Alexander McQueen at age 40. That is a testament to just how groundbreaking and powerful the British designer's vision was. (Read Tim Blanks' tribute here.)

McQueen's work always provoked emotional reactions—extreme ones. One season, his audience shed tears of frustration over his inhospitable choice of venue; the next, tears of joy over the haunting beauty of both the clothes and the staging. Even as he entered his forties, the designer was hardly ever written about without the phrase "enfant terrible" following his name. And yet, despite the perennial bad-boy tag, he'd won all the big awards given out in London and was even honored by Queen Elizabeth as a Commander of the British Empire in 2003...Heres a picture of the Designer

Heres pictures of the designer works..

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